Best Restaurants in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Riviera

No holiday to the French Riviera is complete without a little gastronomic indulgence. This most gorgeous nook of heaven may be renowned for its superlative beaches and splendid towns, yet the local cuisine is also gaining a reputation for being among the best in the country. Vastly different from its northern counterpart, the cuisine of the Riviera relies heavily on seafood and is greatly influenced by it Mediterranean neighbors, making it unique and infinitely delicious.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to holes-in-the-wall eateries, there’s an epicurean treat here to suit all tastes and budgets. Want to sample a little Riviera yumminess on your next vacation? Then book your holiday rental villa in Villefranche-sur-Mer and discover the most mouth-watering attractions in town.

Les Garcons, 18 rue du Poilu

Les Garcons is rated as Villefranche’s most unhidden ‘hidden’ gem. Tucked away just one block north from the seaside, and facing a gorgeous ancient medieval square, this restaurant offers a delectable dining experience at an incredibly affordable price. The ambience is atmospheric, especially in the evenings when the whole square is beautifully lit, and the outdoor eating area is inductive to a long and relaxing dinner.

The menu at Les Garcons changes regularly and is dependent on season and local availability, yet staples like warm goat cheese salad and tuna tartar are always on offer and never disappoint. The wine list is impressive and offers a great deal of choice and the dessert menu is to die for so make sure you leave some room for their signature chocolate fondant! Les Garcons is open for lunch and dinner, but can get booked out days in advance, so don’t head here without a reservation!

L'Aparte, 1 Rue Obscure

Just around the corner from Les Garcons is a slightly more expensive dining option, yet a superlative one nonetheless. L’Aparte is popular with local diners, who enjoy the friendly yet elegant atmosphere of this special dining establishment. The food on offer is delightful and the cuisine often described as modern-French with generous servings of Mediterranean flair. Don’t be alarmed if you spot a little white fluffy pooch in the restaurant! He belongs to the owner, is perfectly behaved and has become the restaurant’s mascot over the last couple of years. From succulent duck dishes to delectable local seafood, L’Aparte has something on the menu to suit all tastes. Don’t forget to order some home-made pâté, it’s been known to make grown men swoon!

Le Mekong, 7 Rue De L’Eglise

For a little exotic dining experience whilst holidaying in Villefranche, head to Le Mekong on Rue De L’Eglise and taste a little Asian delicacy. Often rated as the best foreign restaurant in Villefranche, Le Mekong offers truly amazing fare at extremely reasonable prices, and attracts a healthy crowd of hip and trendy youngsters from the nearby towns.  The menu may not be expansive yet everything on offer is cooked to perfection, so head here if you’re in the mood for a soul reviving curry. Le Mekong also boasts a brilliant outdoor dining area and lively atmosphere, so make a booking here if you feel like something unique on your French Riviera holiday.